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I miss Billy.



Loki sat on the edge of a building in New York. Black nails playing with his short hair as he picked up the soda he had. Using the bendy straw to take a sip as he looked out across the city. He hadn’t been back here since he had gone away. Disappeared like he did from time to time to settle things in the universe, except now he had guidelines and goals. A clear plan even though he’d… disappeared.

Hidden and gone from the Young Avengers lives. They’d all be better off without him. He picked up the hot dog that had been sitting on the stone bannister of the roof with him and took a bite. New York City had the best hot dogs in all the Nine.

To the point that they could distract him. He admitted as he felt someone walk up behind him that it wasn’t that bad. He had been expecting one of his companions to find him while he was in the city eventually.

Teddy had been out on his own, clearing his head and enjoying the night air. Having a day out on his own was a nice changed compared to what he had been feeling.

He was depressed, and needed to get his head around everything, climbing up to the top of the building where he and Billy shared an apartment he was stunned to see who was up there, “Loki??”

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Say Something // A Great Big World :)


New Addition || Billy & Teddy + Ten


"Definitely." Walking down the street with Teddy and Ten, taking the usual pathway that would lead them to Central Park, but only for the first few blocks before they would need to go down a different route.

"I was thinking of maybe cooking dinner tonight for us? We could stay in and bond with the new member of the family." Teddy said with a smile.



He ran a hand through his hair, “yeah, not bad man, just getting through life, how about you? How’s Billy?”

"I’m alright, Billy’s good," Teddy said. 

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